Portland Mold Inspection

Mold maybe small in size, but their negative impact on health and property can be devastating. As a responsible homeowner, you need to make put your family’s safety first more than anything else. Mold inspection is a crucial step to ensure that you and your family are living and breathing inside a safe, mold-free environment altogether. Mold inspection is a home maintenance service that is well worth the investment for both prospective homeowners and to those who want to maintain the value of their respective homes. We are a company committed to the delivery of unbiased and accurate home inspection services to homeowners as well as business owners of Portland, Oregon. Our business is all about doing an excellent job in providing exceptional mold inspection services to those who need it the most.

A reliable mold inspection company will be straight in giving you the facts about mold. As we are not in affiliation with any mold remediation services in Portland, our company can guarantee 100% accurate and expert inspection of your property. Mold remediation and recovery services indeed have the right skill set to eradicate mold growth, but this is only half of the equation. In order to be successful in treating mold, a home needs to undergo proper assessment and diagnosis first. No, mold remediation specialists aren’t the perfect individuals for the job. Bear in mind that these people are out to get your business, which means they are most likely to tell you that there is mold growth even when there is none. Of course, they would want to earn more, thus they will stress its importance and necessity. You can avoid this scam simply by being wise and obtaining a separate Portland mold inspection from us. You will avoid all too many problems when you make the decision of signing up your mold inspection with us.

What is a Mold?

Simply put, mold are natural recyclers. With all the health concerns associated with its indoor growth, its original function of breaking down dead organic matters has long been forgotten by people in general. Mold plays a very important role as without it, all dead plant and animal items will only pile up and eventually wreak havoc to the environment as well. Given the right food items, perfect temperature range, and moisture, mold are allowed to thrive and proliferate thus helping to keep the natural equilibrium in nature.

The interiors of our home are unfortunately the ideal breathing ground for molds. A standard residential structure is made from dead organic material such as wood, drywall, fabric, and paper among other things. A well maintained home does not suffer from water and moisture problems, thus mold are unable to grow and proliferate in such conditions. However homes that suffer from moisture problems are more likely to suffer from mold growth. Homeowners who ignore this problem should request for a mold inspection to confirm the presence of this fungi or otherwise. There are instance when moisture problem is not as serious and is relatively new that mold still hasn’t formed yet inside the home. It is due to this fact that homeowners should verify its presence, and the only way to do this is by means of mold inspection and testing.

Other instances when mold inspection becomes a must are as follows:

  • Properties on sale
    Real estate agents need mold inspection in order to complete a sale. The presence of mold can make or break a financial transaction. As disclosure of mold problems is not yet a requirement in majority of states, it is solely up to the seller’s discretion whether or not the mold problem is to be disclosed before sealing the deal. However, majority of real estate agents provide this information nonetheless as such disclosure of information can make or break their reputation altogether. To avoid any problems in the future, real estate agents simply request mold inspection prior to sale to guarantee buyers that they are buying a mold-free property.
  • Avoid more costly procedures
    Home remediation or the removal of mold from the interiors of a home is an expensive activity altogether. This is due to the fact that such an activity guarantees clients a mold-free, livable, and safe home to property owners. In these day and age when the public places high priority to health, mold remediation becomes a standard requirement.

For those who unfortunately suffer from mold growth, mold remediation needs to be specific and highly targeted. This means that chemicals to be used are only to be treated or sprayed on areas where mold are alive and thriving. Mold inspectors provide a complete rundown of the severity of mold infestation and the specific places where they are located and fast proliferating. By knowing which locations need to be treated, homeowners avoid the costly activity of having remediation experts cover the entire house with mold treatment solutions.

Do not forget the fact that residential mold inspectors perform a different set of roles than that of mold remediation experts. Home mold inspectors observe for visual presence of molds and has the ability of identifying what type of mold is growing indoors. Once the assessment is completed, mold experts will then provide a comprehensive report on the presence of mold or the lack thereof. The report will also enumerate viable solutions on how to best attack the problem of mold growth.

Specialized mold inspection such as that offered by our company will save you thousands of dollars on the long term and give peace of mind like no other!