Portland Certified Fungus Inspection and Detection Service

Portland Certified Fungus Inspection and Detection Service has always been one of the most trusted mold assessment groups in the state of Oregon. Our company solely specializes in mold inspection and testing, and is not in any way involved in the mold remediation process. This ensures no conflict of interest so our clients get unbiased evaluation for their homes.

Why do you Need Mold Inspection and Testing Services?

As a homeowner, you may be wondering why you would need to obtain mold inspection services in the first place. The structure of your home may look flawless, but there are instances when problems are found buried deep into the very foundation instead. There are so many factors that will push you into obtaining mold inspection services, and we hope to provide you with all helpful information related to this inquiry once you’re done reading this article.

There is great emphasis on managing the issue of mold growth. Homeowners, renters, and commercial property owners need to understand the fact that this type of service is a requirement in many cases as such an intervention will safeguard health and the very foundation of a home. An issue that most commonly surfaces with the possibility of mold growth is identifying if your home indeed is infested with these type of fungi or otherwise. Calling on companies that offer mold remediation is pretty much a wasteful endeavor, as there will always be conflict of interest. Of course, companies that offer mold treatment as well as mold assessment and testing will push to the acquisition of their services even when there is no mold growth to begin with. This is but a common practice in the private occupational health industry in order for companies to profit more from target clients.

The only way to get mold assessment for your home or business is by getting a separate entity to conduct mold inspection and mold testing services. This ensures that they do not have any vested interest if and when a given property is found to suffer from mold growth. Just imagine how much money you can save simply by taking this action towards ensuring your home’s safety. For those with no problem of mold growth, you can skip mold remediation altogether. However, for homes and commercial places that tested positive for mold growth, respective homeowners can instead look around and choose their preferred mold remediation service company in Portland, Oregon.

Aside from identifying for the presence of mold in your home, mold inspection serves yet another purpose, and that is to detect the presence of water, which in turn caused the mold growth in the first place. With this in mind, homeowners and commercial property owners will also have the opportunity of treating water problems, which may also contribute to the development of other serious problems such as faulty plumbing system and flooding to name a few.

Top Reasons for Conducting Mold Inspection

  • Maintain Good Health
    The ailments associated with mold invasion are wide ranging. Majority of ailments cause by mold growth are respiratory in nature, and most are very easy to manage if detected right away. The medical conditions range from simple allergic reactions to nervous system breakdown and mycotoxicosis. Fortunately, these conditions can be treated as well as prevented with mold remediation. And in order for you to get the right kind of mold treatment, you will need a reputable mold inspection company to do an unbiased assessment of your home or place of business.
  • Good Home Maintenance Approach
    You and your family may have a clean bill of health, and the very foundations of your home may seem to be in good condition today, but what about the future? Aside from having electrical outlets assessed, air conditioning units cleaned, and carpets treated from time to time, mold inspection is yet another important home maintenance activity that you may want to add into the current lineup. In order to ensure that your home is always free from harmful microorganisms that may pose serious threat to your health, make sure to have your house tested for mold even once in a few years.

How does a mold inspection go?

A mold inspection is a home maintenance procedure that should be performed on a regular basis, or when the situation demands. Water damage is one probable cause of mold growth at home. This should prompt the homeowner to obtain mold inspection services. Yet another situation when you may want to look into mold inspection and testing is when you or a family member starts exhibiting respiratory problems which you may not have suffered from before. Lastly, for those who have not had any inspection, now may be the best time to have your home assessed for the presence of mold. By identifying the presence of mold growth or otherwise, you can make the necessary planning for your home. Our company does not perform mold remediation, but we have the ability of formulation a set of recommendations that will guide you on which type of mold treatment service to get in order to solve mold growth at home.